Our Process

Planning Labs projects are chosen through an open process in collaboration with our colleagues.

Step 1: Idea Submission


DCP staff submit a clearly defined problem that needs solving, such as a real-world planning issue, a minor technical workflow improvement, or something in between.

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Step 2: Idea Vetting

Labs + Collaborators

When an idea is submitted, the Planning Labs team starts a dialogue with our colleagues to determine if it’s a good candidate for a Labs project.

  • Subject matter and data can be openly discussed
  • Minimum viable product is achievable in 4 to 6 weeks
  • Technical fit for the skillset of the Planning Labs team
  • Alignment with DCP mission and strategic objectives

Step 3: Project Selection

Executive Office + Labs

The Chief Operating Officer is presented with vetted project ideas, and makes a selection to add to the Labs pipeline based on feasibility, timing, and overall impact.

Step 4: Pipeline Posting


When a project is selected, it’s added to the pipeline on our website. We try to identify at least 3 pipeline projects: The one we are currently building, and the next two that are on-deck.

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